Who I am

Who I am

Born in Manresa (Barcelona), Jordi Leal started his interest for photography when he was nineteen, accompanying a friend to do a photography course and lab Black and White.

After some time discovering different options to capture images through the camera or video camera, he decided on photography and he began to work with photographers to acquire experience.

On 2002 he decided to work alone, as it was passing the time working on social, industrial and studio photography he had the opportunity to take artwork pictures. He discovered his attraction to enjoy such a good photo as the artwork education he was acquiring.

He is a member of several photographic organizations as the Catalan Federation of Photography (FCF), Photographic Association in Berga (AFTDAO) and the Photo Club Sallent (FCS), he has collaborated with various collective exposicions. On 2010, he made his first alone exhibition photographing the everyday live of the artist Agustí Penadès.

Nowadays, he started a new experience mixing photography and painting with the artist Ángel Uranga, capturing art on canvas.